Dr.Mahmoud Zakaria was awarded the Certificate of Excellence



After great scientific achievements and efforts in the field of obesity surgery and more than 7000 successful obesity operations in Egypt and the Arab world, and the establishment of distinguished obesity centers that operate according to international standards in obesity surgery

Dr. Mahmoud Zakaria was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery (Master Surgeon) as an international bariatric surgeon accredited by the American Surgical Review Corporation (SRC)

The SRC is an American institution that grants accreditation and quality certificates to medical institutions and doctors all over the world. Obtaining the certificate requires reviewing all safety and quality standards in the medical service. It has been confirmed by the authority that the Dr. Mahmoud Zakaria Al Ganzoury Center follows the highest international standards before During and after the operation, it was also ensured that the patients of the center obtained excellent results in line with international standards in terms of weight loss and safety rates in the operation. All procedures within the center were reviewed and the efficiency and quality of the medical service provided therein were checked.

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