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sexual functions after bariatric surgery

sexual functions after bariatric surgery

In a large study conducted in the USA that extensively looked at a sexual function in women who underwent bariatric surgery, a significant improvement in general sexual function,

most reproductive hormones, and psychological state was maintained for two years after surgery. Women who reported impaired sexual function before surgery experienced the most dramatic improvement one year after surgery, on par with women who reported the highest quality of sexual function before surgery.

The new report appeared by researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. More than half of women who seek bariatric surgery report signs of dysfunction and therefore emotional stress. Study author David Sarwer, a professor of psychology, said, “For many people, sex is an important part of the quality of life. 

Study author David Sarwer, a professor of psychology, said, “For many people, sex is an important part of the quality of life. The massive weight loss that is usually seen after bariatric surgery is associated with significant improvements in quality of life and women are finding improvements in their performance, and their sexual satisfaction, as well as significant improvements in their reproductive hormones.”


Researchers found that women lost an average of 32% of their original body weight after the first year, and 33% at the end of the second year of surgery.

Women reported significant improvements in all categories of sexual function, sex hormones, and quality of life. Improvements were seen in general sexual function as well as in specific areas of sexual function including desire, arousal, and overall satisfaction.

There were significant improvements in all hormone levels, which may affect both sexual behaviors as well as fertility. While the study did not directly look at the relationship between surgically induced weight loss and reproductive status,

they found indirect evidence that there might be a potential effect, based on improvements in hormone levels associated with fertility. Women reported improvements in all areas of health and weight-related quality of life, as well as improvements in body image and symptoms of depression.

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