The relationship between obesity and diabetes| Prof.Mahmoud
The relationship between obesity and diabetes

The relationship between obesity and diabetes

There is a strong relationship between obesity and diabetes. However, we should not overlook the fact that there are other reasons such as genetics and some viral diseases, etc., but what is the relationship between obesity and diabetes?

Each cell contains substances that receive the hormone insulin, which burns glucose to produce energy. These substances are called insulin receptors. If these receptors are not present or their number decreases, insulin will not work on this cell and therefore it will not benefit from glucose, so its level in the blood will increase. These receptors are fixed in number on the normal fat cell.

If the cell size increases, as in an obese person, then the number of receptors is small compared to the large cell area. This leads to a decrease in the sensitivity of these receptors.

We advise every obese person to reduce their weight, as this is the best treatment for diabetes, as reducing weight leads to an improvement in the state of insulin secretion and reception in these patients.


Do gastric bypass surgery and Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery treat type 2 diabetes?

Yes, obesity operations, whether the gastric bypass operation or the sleeve gastrectomy operation, help get rid of diabetes, and the gastric sleeve operation depends on removing 85% of the part of the stomach responsible for producing the appetite hormone “Ghrelin”, which in turn reduces the proportion of hormones related to diabetes, which helps diabetics to get rid of it permanently.

How does the operation affect diabetics?

Depending on the state of health and the degree of response of the body, the result is given. Some people (a large percentage of them) are completely cured of diabetes, others are partially cured, and others greatly reduce their doses of diabetes medication.

What is the best procedure for treating diabetes?

The strongest and best treatment for diabetes is Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.
The rate of complete recovery from type 2 diabetes after the laparoscopic gastric bypass operation ranges from 83% to 100%.

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