Sleeve gastrectomy and the pregnancy |Prof.Dr.Mahmoud Zaka
Sleeve gastrectomy and the appropriate date for pregnancy

Sleeve gastrectomy and the appropriate date for pregnancy

Obesity, in general, is a severe public health risk, especially during pregnancy. There are about 37 risks to the health of an overweight pregnant woman. Among the dangers that an overweight pregnant woman is exposed to are: 

1- Diabetes Mellitus.

2 – High blood pressure.

3 – Pregnancy for overweight and large-sized children, which makes the stages of pregnancy and the birth process difficult.

4 – The necessity of medical intervention at birth, either with forceps or cesarean section.

5 – The mother suffers severe bleeding or severe infections after childbirth.

6 – An increased incidence of death for the mother and the fetus in the case of an obese mother, compared to a non-obese mother.

As it is known, it is difficult for a mother to lose weight during pregnancy, so do not try to lose weight during pregnancy because this will have a bad effect on the health of the fetus. Meals must be organized so that all the necessary nutrients for you and the fetus are consumed. You can coordinate this with your treating doctor to not take more than needed. We would like to assure you that many obese women have completed their pregnancy and birth without serious risks, due to their keenness to follow up the pregnancy with a specialist doctor and the speed of treatment of complications that appear directly.

We should all know that there will be an increase in the weight of a pregnant woman during pregnancy by about 12 to 20 kilograms, and this is normal. However, you must remember that pregnancy is not a period of overeating. So do not excuse that you are eating for 2 individuals.

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